Hagia Sophia
Titans of the Ice Age
"A Walk Through Ancient Olympia"
"Darwin: The Mystery of Life"
«Dream to fly»
"Interactive Tour at the Ancient Agora"
Organized visits can take place after a prior arrangement.

The schedule of the "Tholos" and the price of tickets
could change without prior notice.

Elaborate jewelry, original souvenirs, gifts, "children's corner", art publications and all the Foundation's productions await you at the hospitable area of the Museum Shop of Hellenic Cosmos.  

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The "Tholos" is the Foundation's new dome-shaped Virtual Reality "Theatre" with a capacity of 130 people. It is a building of exceptional architectural design and with unique technological infrastructure, which hosts FHW's digital collections.

The "Tholos" resembles a planetarium regarding its natural and morphological characteristics. However, their only common characteristic is the semi-circular shape of the projection surface. The exterior shape of the "Tholos" refers to a whirling celestial body. It a sensation that is rendered through the processing of surfaces and the selection of materials, such as the successive rings that surround the external shell and the special lights that make it stand out during the night. Thus, the "Tholos" becomes a symbol of Hellenism and characterizes Pireos street.

The shows will be interactive, controlled by the spectator, and not static. It is a unique experience of immersion into the virtual world, which is characterized by immediate response, flexibility, originality and liveliness.


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The construction and equipment of the "Tholos" funded, as part of the Attica Regional Operational Programme of the 3rd Community Support Framework (with funding 50% by the European Fund of Regional Development and 50% by State Funds)