General Manager for the Design and Implementation of the Project
Dimitris Efraimoglou (FHW's Managing Director)

Supervising Authority
FHW's Board of Trustees

Project Manager
George Giannoulis-Giannoulopoulos (Head of FHW's Projects Coordination Department)

Coordinator of Design and Supply of Technological Equipment
John Karigiannis (Electrical Engineer

Managing Authority
FHW's Projects Coordination Department (PCD)
George Giannoulis-Giannoulopoulos (Head of PCD)
John Karigiannis (Electrical Engineer)
Ekaterini Joannou (Civil Engineer)
Antonis Drimeris (Civil Engineer)
Smaroula Milona (Administrative Support)

Special technological equipment of the "Tholos"

Technology Consultant - Researcher of special technologies
Visual Acuity Limited

Design and incorporation of Virtual Reality Systems, real time computers, projection, interactivity and sound
Virtual Reality Department
Athansios Gaitatzis (Head of Virtual Reality Department)
George Papaioannou (Virtual Reality programmer)
Dimitris Christopoulos (Virtual Reality programmer)

Support technologies for the production of 3D representations
FHW's 3D Graphics Department
Vangelis Christodoulou (Head of the Department)
Abraham Onassiadis (3D Graphics Designer

Design, monitoring and supervision of installation of audiovisual media
FHW's Audiovisual Support Department
Petros Stefas (Head of the Department)

Operational Design of the "Tholos"
Ilias Spirtounias (Director of Hellenic Cosmos - FHW)

Supervision of the construction and implementation

Unit for the Supervision of FHW's Construction
Stavros Konstantinidis (in charge of supervision)
Eleni Antoniou (Mechanical Engineer)
Ioannis Moirotsos (Technologist Civil Engineer)
Polina Tortopidi (Architect)
Pari Dimopoulou (Secretarial Support)

Visual Acuity Limited

Studies - high supervision
Architectural studies: George Andreadis - Natalia Efraimoglou - Giannis Tsiomis
Static studies: OMETE S.A.
Electrical Engineer studies: HM Ltd

Technical Consultant of the Project

    The whole work consists of the following seven different contracts of works and supplies, which were assigned after international competitions:
  1. Excavations for the foundations: Contractor: AKTOR S.A.
  2. Construction works, shaping of access area, basements, obligatory parking space, interconnection and the top of the "Tholos": Contractor: AKTOR S.A.
  3. Supply and installation of special equipment (special theatre seats with interactive capabilities): Contractor: SIGCHRONO GRAFEIO Ltd
  4. Supply and installation of special equipment (Structure/Projection Screen): Contractor: TELMACO S.A.
  5. Supply and installation of special equipment (central super-computer system, playback system and other systems): Contractor: PANOU AEVE
  6. Supply and installation of special equipment (sound systems - control systems - systems of multi-lingual translation - VIDEOWALL - incorporation): Contractor: TELMACO S.A.
  7. Supply and installation of special equipment (projection systems): Contractor: SEOS Ltd.


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The construction and equipment of the "Tholos" funded, as part of the Attica Regional Operational Programme of the 3rd Community Support Framework (with funding 50% by the European Fund of Regional Development and 50% by State Funds)