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The design of the "Tholos" started in 2002. The studies of the project were elaborated under the supervision of FHW, and more specifically the Projects Coordination Department. The architectural studies were elaborated by the architects George Andreakis, Natalia Efraimoglou and Ioannis Tsiomis, the electrical mechanical studies by the company Diamantouros Ltd and the static studies by the company OMETE. The special technology studies were elaborated by the company Visual Acuity Ltd in cooperation with FHW's departments that were directly involved with the project: the Audiovisual Support Department and the Virtual Reality Department. The company Acuity Ltd. contributed to the architectural and functional design of the project. FHW's technical advisor for this project is the company KION ATE.

The state has actively supported the implementation of the project: the studies were funded by the Public Investment Programme, already from 2003, while the Management and Supervision of the project was also funded through the Public Investment Programme. In June 2004 the construction and the equipment of "Tholos" became part of the Attica Regional Operational Programme of the 3rd Community Support Framework, with funding 50% by the European Fund of Regional Development and 50% by State Funds, with an incorporation budget of 12,000,000 euro. The total cost of the project amounts to approximately 15,000,000 euro, including the studies, as well as the administration - supervision of the project.

The project was implemented adequately and transparently, abiding fully with the strict specifications of its design, in a short period of time. The construction began with the excavations in 2004, while the main construction works started in January 2005. The installation of the special technologies took place in 2006.